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Department of Public Works

Superintendent and Recycle Coordinator– Mark Cunningham, 50 Disposal Rd North Arlington, NJ 07631
Phone: 201-955-5665 ext 12

Recycling Schedule 2018

Hazardous Waste Information

Recycling and Trash

For questions pertaining to garbage pickup, please call Cali Carting at 201-991-5400.

How to Recycle in North Arlington

The following items are required by law to be recycled by all households: newspapers, magazines, commingled glass, aluminum, tin and recyclable plastics; refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners; grass and leaves. The Borough’s recycling ordinance also requires residents to separate household batteries for safe disposal a hazardous waste. Please download the accompanying schedule for recycling pickups in your area:

Recycling Reminders

  • Containers for recycling should be 32 gallons or less.
  • On commingled weeks no plastic bags are to be used. Material to be put out loose in an identifiable container marked recycling. Residents can purchase barrels from Borough Hall at $10 a piece.
  • Newspaper/Cardboard week no plastic bags are allowed. Residents must tie or consolidate newspaper with their cardboard. Next month residents can purchase 18-gallon containers for use to store newspapers, magazines and junk mail.

Commingled Recyclables

Mix aluminum and tin cans, glass bottles and jars and plastic containers in a reusable container and place it at curbside for collection. Cans and bottles must be rinsed clean with caps removed. No paper or plastic bags. Acceptable plastics include soda bottles, milk, and water jugs, household detergent containers and items labeled for recycling. No PVC materials.


These are the types of plastic that we now collect.  The number corresponds to the number inside the Triangle on the plastic.

1 – PETE – Polyethylene Terephthalate

The easiest of plastics to recycle. Often used for soda bottles, water bottles and many common food packages. Is recycled into bottles and polyester fibers

2 – HDPE – High-density Polyethylene

Also readily recyclable – Mostly used for packaging detergents, bleach, milk containers, hair care products and motor oil. Is recycled into more bottles or bags.

3 – PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride

This stuff is everywhere – pipes, toys, furniture, packaging – you name it. Difficult to recycle and PVC is a major environmental and health threat.

4 – LDPE Low-density Polyethylene

Used for many different kinds of wrapping, grocery bags, and sandwich bags and can be recycled into more of the same.

5 – PP – Polypropylene

Clothing, bottles, tubs, and ropes. Can be recycled into fibers.

6 – PS – Polystyrene

Cups, foam food trays, packing peanuts. Polystyrene (also known as styrofoam)

7 – Other

Could be a mixture of any and all of the above or plastics not readily recyclable such as polyurethane.


Appliances containing Freon gas must be recycled. Included are refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners (please remove any doors). Other appliances include stoves, hot water heaters, washers, and dryers. Residents must call Recycling Coordinator, Mark Cunningham, at 201-955-5665 ext 12 to schedule an appliance pickup. All must be scheduled for a Friday pickup.


Light bulbs and tubes, china/ dishware items and household pots and pans are NOT recyclable. Please dispose of these items in your regular household garbage. Newspapers/ Magazines: Recycle clean newsprint, magazines, and catalogs. Cardboard and paperboard, including cardboard and corrugated boxes only clean consolidated cardboard will be accepted.  This will be picked up during the schedule newspaper pickup. Newspapers should be tied in one-foot bundles. Please do not use plastic bags. Phone Books: Telephone directories can be placed at curbside on regular newspaper pickup days.

Grass and Leaves

Leaf season pickup begins on or around Nov 1. until December 9th. Weather permitting.

Leaf piles and brown recycling bags (No Plastic will be rejected) will be picked up on that block’s sweeper day. Do not put out leaves any earlier than 24 hrs before your scheduled day. Street sweeping is in full operation until further notice.

Keep all catch basins clear at least 15 feet so rainwater can drain properly and not cause a blockage.

Household Batteries

The Public Works Facility located at 50 Disposal road will only accept rechargeable batters like ones used in cellphones, computers, power tools, etc… Monday – Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Alkaline batteries can be disposed of with regular garbage. Please download the accompanying Schedule for recycling pickups in your area and disposal sites for hazardous waste.

Electronic Equipment Disposal

Effective Jan 1st residents can no longer put TV monitors, computer monitors and other electronic equipment out for garbage. Residents that have electronic garbage can drop off any electronic equipment at our public works facility located at 50 Disposal road anytime Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. there is a dumpster available on our site. Also, those residents that are elderly or handicapped can call 201-955-5665 ext.14 to schedule a pickup.