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Tax Assessor

Denis McGuire, Borough Tax Assessor
Phone: 201-991-6062

Hours of Operation
Tuesday, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Borough Tax Assessment is responsible for the following activities:

  • Property location
  • Ownership and address
  • Taxable value
  • Equalization
  • Defense of appeals
  • Permit inspections
  • Sub-divisions
  • Tax apportionment
  • Special improvement programs
  • Continual review of property cards

This Office also handles the various deductions and exemptions provided for in the Statutes with regard to senior citizens, veterans, and disabled persons. The Division of Tax Assessment will also prepare a list of property owners within 200 feet for applicants to the Planning Board or Board of Adjustment.

On February 1st of each year, the Assessment Department mails an “Assessment Notification Letter” to each property owner in North Arlington. This notification lists the assessment applicable to that tax year and advises taxpayers to contact the Assessment Department if they have any questions concerning their assessments. The letter also gives directions concerning the appeal process, along with the April 1st deadline.

This office also provides taxpayers with estimates on new construction to assist them in budgeting for taxes on such work.