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Update To Marriage-Civil Union Requirements



Board of Health 2018 Meeting Dates


George McDermott (Pres.)

Kathryn Stanak, (V.P.) 12/2020

Sharon Pisciotta


George Hays


Frank Italiano

Christine Keelen 12/2018
Sharon Melton 12/2018


Councilwoman Allison Sheedy
Councilwoman Jean Williams

Vital Statistics

Elaine Lubowiecki, Registrar of Vital Statistics
Phone: 201-955-5695
Fax: 201-955-5696  Health InspectionLaura Folco, Principal Registered Environmental Health Specialist
Phone: 201-955-5695  Animal LicensingPublic Health Official
Phone: 201-955-5695  ProgramsFor information on our various programs held during the year, please call 201-955-5695 Child Health

A free clinic where uninsured/underinsured families may bring infants and preschool children for well baby care and required immunizations. Growth development and nutritional assessments are done with counseling by Public Health Nurses and referrals are given as needed. Mothers of newborns are seen for a pre-clinic interview and given appropriate information and opportunity for questions regarding vaccines and any related concerns. Dr. Miguela Paragas is the attending pediatrician. Required vaccinations for school-age children, 11 years and older, are administered by our staff of Public Health Nurses when needed.

Childhood Lead and Anemia Screening

Public Health Nurses draw a capillary blood sample to detect abnormal lead levels and anemia. New Jersey State law requires all children to have a blood lead test at or around 1 year and again at 2 years. Children between the ages of 3-6 years, who have never been tested, should be tested. In addition, high-risk children need more frequent testing.

TB Testing

Testing is done when required for students.

Health Risk Assessment / Blood Pressure Screenings

Consultation with a Public Health Nurse. Health risk assessment questionnaire is completed with a client. Counseling is aimed at risk reduction through lifestyle modification when possible. Assessment raises client’s awareness of the relationship of lifestyle to the state of health. Issues discussed in counseling include, but not limited to; nutrition, exercise, weight reduction, medication, substance abuse, safety, stress management and medical supervision. Appropriate referrals are made when necessary. Service is available on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm, on a walk-in basis.

Home Health Assessment

Public Health Nursing home visits are conducted for well-being assessment and referral. The department receives referrals from Police, Fire, EMS, or a concerned family member or neighbor. Establishing partnerships with Community institutions and organizations in working together to serve residents has added to the effectiveness of the service.

Health Education Resources

We have a host of materials on various health-related topics available to the community. Educational materials are offered in cooperation with the BERGEN COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES.

Multiphasic Health Screening

Annual blood screening includes cholesterol break-down, coronary risk factor, CBC, and chemistry and Thyroid screening. The goal is to provide a low-cost blood screening to the community. Provides an opportunity for health counseling and referrals for primary health care. Other Screenings provided at additional cost.


  1. Partners MUST be OVER 18
  2. At least one of the partners MUST be a NORTH ARLINGTON RESIDENT

PROOF OF RESIDENCY REQUIRED: ex.: Driver’s License, Bank Statement, Notarized letter from Landlord

NOTE: If BOTH live out-of-state, they MUST apply in the


  1. MUST have one (1) witness present for application
  • MUST be at least 18 years of age
  • May be a family member
  • MUST be able to speak and understand English


‘Couple MUST provide:

  • the scheduled date and place of ceremony
  • the name, address & phone number of the person who will perform the ceremony

If in a previous legal relationship with a different partner, MUST provide the date & place of whichever is applicable:

  • Divorce
  • Death Certificate
  • Civil Union Dissolution
  • Domestic Partnership Termination

Provide Social Security Number (if applicable)

  1. After applying, there is a 72 hour waiting period before the license can be issued to couple
  2. The license is valid for 30 days from the time it is picked up at our office.
  3. License Applications are taken Monday through Friday, between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM

  4. License Application fee is $28.00 payable at the time of application. Methods of payment are:
  • Cash in EXACT CHANGE
  • Check payable to the North Arlington Health Department

NOTE: You may find a printable copy of the APPLICATION FORM online by clicking on THIS LINK. Scroll down through the alphabetical forms to the REG-77. Download this 2-page form to your computer, print it out, and follow the instructions on the website for filling out all the required information on PAGE 1 ONLY. DO NOT FILL IN ANYTHING ON PAGE 2. Bring the form with you to the North Arlington Health Department to apply. At that time, page 2 will be signed in the presence of the Registrar of Vital Statistics after the oath is administered to you, your partner and your witness.

In the event that the ceremony has to be rescheduled, the same license may be used providing the revised date occurs before the expiration date entered on the Marriage / Civil Union license at the time it was picked up at the Health Department. (See #9). If not, the license must be voided and the process of applying for the license must be repeated.


In the case of a couple already legally married to or in a civil union with each other and wishes to remarry or reaffirm their civil union (example: they were originally joined in a civil ceremony and later wish to have a religious ceremony), the process is basically the same. It calls for the same documentation and a witness, however, there is no 72-hour waiting period. In addition, they must present a certified copy of their original Marriage / Civil Union license. The same form (Reg-77) may be used and can be accessed as noted above for Marriage / Civil Union applications.


Couples wishing to register in a Domestic Partnership can be of the same or different sex but must be 62 years of age or over. They must meet the following criteria:

  • Share a common residence in New Jersey or any other jurisdiction provided that at least one of the applicants is a member of a New Jersey State-administered retirement system.
  • Both persons are jointly responsible for each other’s common welfare as evidenced by joint financial arrangements or joint ownership of real or personal property.
  • Both persons agree to be jointly responsible for each other’s basic living expenses during the domestic partnership.
  • Neither applicant is in a marriage or civil union recognized by New Jersey law or a member of another domestic partnership.
  • Neither person is related to the other by blood or affinity up to and including the fourth degree of consanguinity.
  • Both persons have chosen to share each other’s lives in a committed relationship of mutual caring.
  • Neither applicant has terminated another domestic partnership within the last 180 days. (This prohibition shall not apply when the previous partnership ended due to the death of the other partner.)

If you have any further questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 201-991-6060

Obtaining Certified Copies

A Certified Copies of Marriage, Civil Union, Birth and Death Certificates of those events occurring in the Borough of North Arlington may be obtained from the Registrar in either of two ways: • By the use of a State implemented template, or • By a photostatic reproduction from an image of an original record. Both types are done on State issued safety paper, contain the names of the State and Borough Registrars, and are affixed with a raised seal of the municipality. The fee is $10 per certified copy. Either EXACT CHANGE or check payable to the North Arlington Health Department is requested; we do not take debit or credit cards. A completed request form, obtainable at the registrar’s office, is required along with a photo ID or two other forms of ID and proof of relationship to the subject (see following chart).

Marriage Licenses/Civil Union Licenses, Domestic Partnership Certificates
Relationship to Couple Information Needed
Either Partner Exact Names Of Both Partners
Parents Exact Place Of Ceremony
Children Exact Date Of Ceremony
Legal Guardian or Representative
Death Certificates
Relationship to Subject Information Needed
Surviving Partner Exact Name on Record
Parents Exact Place Of Death
Children Exact Date Of Death
Legal Guardian or Representative
Birth Certificates
Relationship to Subject Information Needed
Self Exact Name on Record
Parents Exact Place Of Birth
Current Partner Exact Date Of Birth
Children Mother’s Maiden Name
Grandchildren Father’s Name (When Recorded)
Legal Guardian or Representative

Certified copies may also be obtained by court order, an agent or agencies of a state, local, or federal government for official purposes, or the Commissioner of Health and Senior Services under other emergent circumstances.

Pet Licensing


JANUARY 31, 2018.

IMPORTANT: If your pet’s rabies vaccination expires BEFORE NOVEMBER 1, 2018, IT MUST BE REPEATED in order for you to renew its license.   STATE LAW PROHIBITS THE ISSUANCE OF A LICENSE IF THE RABIES IMMUNIZATION EXPIRES BEFORE NOVEMBER 1, 2018. In order to accommodate those who fall into this category, the Borough allows for a 2-month grace period (until March 31) to have your pet immunized. Also, the North Arlington Health Department has scheduled its RABIES CLINIC for January 25, 2018, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Legion Place Firehouse. Please be aware that the rabies clinic is a State program, which permits you to have your pet immunized at any municipal rabies clinic regardless of residency. Another option for a free vaccine is the Bergen County Animal Shelter (201-229-4616); proof of Bergen County residency is required.

A late fee of $25 per household will be enforced for those who have not complied by March 31, 2018, followed by summons after April 30, 2018.


(spayed / neutered)

$ 13.00 (non-spayed / neutered)



Checks may be made payable to the North Arlington Health Department located at 10 Beaver Ave., North Arlington, NJ 07031. Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Those paying by cash are asked to bring the EXACT AMOUNT. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 201-991-6060

Rabies Control

The North Arlington Board of Health would like to remind residents that Rabies is still a potential threat to public health. In order to help safeguard pets and their owners against rabies, the Health Department offers a free Rabies Clinic each year, usually held the second week in May. Licenses may also be obtained at this Clinic.Rabies, a viral disease affecting warm-blooded animals, is transmittable to humans. Most commonly the virus is spread when an infected animal bites either another animal or human, causing a break in the skin and contamination with the infectious saliva. Instances of non-bite exposure resulting in Rabies can occur when an existing wound or a mucous membrane is contaminated with infected saliva.While there are a variety of animals that can transmit the Rabies virus, the most hazardous to man are the raccoon, woodchuck, fox, skunk, dogs, and cats.

Animals that are not at high risk for Rabies are hamsters, squirrels, guinea pigs, chipmunks, rats, mice, and gerbils. Stray cats are particularly vulnerable to contracting the Rabies virus through contact with wildlife. Any sighting of stray animals should be reported to the local health or police department in order for an animal control officer to investigate. In addition, the public should refrain from feeding or handling stray animals. Symptoms of possible rabies infection in an animal would be: aggressive or unusual behavior, foaming at the mouth, lack of coordination, lethargy or seizures.Pet owners are advised to notify the local health department or police if their dog or cat has been bitten or attacked by another animal. Persons who have been bitten should notify the local health department or police of the incident as soon as possible.Preventative steps to protect your pet from Rabies include timely vaccination, licensing, and keeping the pet leashed or from running loose.