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North Arlington Volunteer Emergency Squad – N.A.V.E.S

Serving the Borough and It’s Residents Since 1972

North Arlington Volunteer Emergency Squad proudly protects approximately 15,000 people living in an area of 2 square miles. We operate and protect a primarily residential area. Our department works with a paid staff Monday t0 Friday 6am – 6pm and Volunteer staff from 6pm to 6am Monday through Friday and day and night Saturday and Sunday.

North Arlington Volunteer Emergency Squad, also known as NAVES, was founded on June 2,1972 by John Cooney and is celebrating it’s 41st year of service to the community this year.

The squad consists of 42 members ranging in ages from 16 to 65 years of age. NAVES welcomes retirees to join our Auxiliary who can assist with fundraising or administrative duties as well as young adults ages 16-17 to be apart of a very successful Youth Squad which is the future of our organization. If interested please call us 201-991-3307.
Please visit the N.A.V.E.S. website:


Bergen County Office of Emergency Management

The Bergen County Office of Emergency Management is an emergency management agency with responsibilities that include coordination of emergency and disaster preparedness planning, response, and recovery with and between local, state, and federal agencies. Every disaster, whether it effects one person or millions, has one thing in common, it is disruptive! The greater the impact, the more it disrupts those things we depend upon and often take for granted. “Universal” emergency or disaster education and preparedness means everyone, regardless of age or circumstance, needs to devote the time, resources and energy to understand and benefit from being “ready” for any type of an emergency.
This office is the lead agency for emergency management preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation in Bergen County:


Emergency Alert System (EAS) EAS stations in Bergen County:

  • WJUX 103.1 FM
  • WWDJ 970 AM
  • WFDU 89.1 FM
  • WRPR 90.3 FM