Residents, Dignitaries Come Out For Dedication Of New 9/11 Monument

“Never forget” was the obvious mantra Sunday night as North Arlington residents came out to observe the dedication of the new monument for First Responders on the 15th anniversary of Sept. 11.

Against the backdrop of the New York City skyline, the Freedom Tower, and the two beams of light, the monument was blessed by Father Mike Donovan with Holy Water from the Jordan River.

Father Mike Donovan blessing the monument with Holy Water from the Jordan River

Father Mike Donovan blessing the monument with
Holy Water from the Jordan River

The monument is constructed from a World Trade Center beam.

The circular memorial was created in remembrance of first responders — police, fire, and emergency personnel — who lost their lives on that tragic day. It’s located on Schuyler Avenue at the entrance of James Zadroga Memorial Soccer Field.

Zadroga was a borough resident and New York City police detective who died in 2006, after working on rescue and recovery at Ground Zero for numerous weeks. He was said to be the first police officer to lose his life as a direct result of inhaling the toxic dust.

Councilman President and former Fire Chief Richard Hughes was instrumental and proactive in seeing this project through from beginning to end.

“Why this site? Since day one this spot has been a living memorial. People would come down here to pay respects and try to understand what had taken place,” Hughes told the crowd.

Council President and former Fire Chief Richard Hughes

Council President and former Fire Chief Richard Hughes

Dignitaries shared stories and memories of Sept. 11.

“Everybody was unified, everybody was one. That’s the moment that will stay with me forever,” said Asst. Fire Chief Robert Kairys.

Mayor Joseph Bianchi spoke of the North Arlington police officers, firefighters, and EMTs who did their part looking for survivors and securing Ground Zero.

“One thing I will never forget is the togetherness we experienced,” said Bianchi, who also recalled actor Robert DeNiero welcoming them with a huge container of ziti.

Former Mayor of North Arlington Leonard Kaiser recalled the bravery of the borough’s first responders.

“Our first responders did not hesitate to go over and assist in what they thought initially was a rescue effort but quickly turned into a recovery effort,” Kaiser told the crowd.

Congressman Bill Pascrell reminded everyone of America’s ongoing strength.

“There’s no reason to remake this country. We show strength and everybody comes to us. The machinery and how you use it separates us from everyone else. This is a very special event and I want to thank North Arlington for taking the time,” Pascrell stated.

Glancing at the monument, EMS Captain Chris Imbrenda said he was pleased with the monument.

“I couldn’t be prouder to be out here with my brothers and sisters who gave so selfishly of themselves helping out at Ground Zero,” Imbrenda said.

Two NA firefighters raising the American flag on the site of the memorial

Two NA firefighters raising the American flag on the site of the memorial

Krystin Gussie, president of the EMS said, “You help out at the blink of an eye. You do what you need to do.”

Steven Cicala, paramedic lieutenant said, “So often we’re not represented. It’s so nice to have the recognition for people like my father who responded.”

Despite not being born till years later, two young girls, Gianna Rizzi, 11, and Yasmin DaSilva, 10 created a heartfelt sign that signified first responders saying, “Remember the ones we lost”. A shining example that we shall never forget.

Residents overall were extremely pleased and vowed to never forget.

“It shows how much everyone cares especially because they all stayed until the end,” said Michelle Driscoll, of North Arlington.

“This was a beautiful show of community support. It was great to honor the responders who serve and protect,” said Donna Tylenda, of North Arlington.



Please Don’t Feed The Geese

The North Arlington Health Department reminds residents that it is prohibited in the borough to feed the geese and borough health officials are reminding residents to stop the practice in an effort to prevent the waterfowl population from congregating in the community.

Canadian geese in particular have grown in population, and create a nuisance to people wishing to use parks and also to cars having to suddenly stop when the geese unexpectedly cross busy streets.

The accumulation of droppings from these animals can result in damage to flora, fauna and property. Droppings can negatively affect water quality, and increase the potential spread of disease.

North Arlington Health Department officials remind residents that according to Board of Health Ordinance #2010-01, the feeding of wildlife or stray animals is prohibited, and anyone found to be in violation is subject to a fine.

The ordinance also serves to protect the welfare of the birds themselves, as wildlife studies have shown that feeding waterfowl and migratory birds can interrupt their normal migration patterns, causing nutritional problems and promoting the spread of bird diseases.


Sign Up Now For Town Wide Garage Sale

The Borough of North Arlington will have a Town Wide Garage Sale Oct. 15 and 16.

This will make it easier for borough residents to conduct a garage sale. The usual fee will be waived.

Additionally, the borough will advertise the locations of all garage sales that weekend on the borough website and Facebook page, giving residents an opportunity to have their sale publicized.

Anyone wishing to participate will need to complete a Garage Sale Permit application, which is available at the Borough Clerk’s office or on the borough’s website.

Completed applications must be returned to the Borough Clerk’s office. All other rules for garage sales will
continue to be in effect. More details on this event in North Arlington will be available on the
borough’s website.


  • Complete the Garage Sale Permit form with all required information:
  • You may hold a garage sale for two consecutive days on the weekend from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and only two garage sales are permitted per year.
  • Bring the completed Garage Sale Permit form to the Clerk’s Office on the 2nd floor of the Borough Hall at 214 Ridge Road.
  • To ensure you comply with the law, please be sure to carefully review the letter from the Chief of Police with regard to the Borough’s sign ordinance, which explains the requirements for posting Garage Sale signs.
  • Be sure to have your Garage Sale Permit on the premises at which the sale will take place.
  • Should you have any questions, you may contact the Clerk’s Office at 201-991- 6060 X 109.



A 13-foot-long beam from the World Trade Center, remaining from the 9/11 terror attacks.

15 Years of Remembrance: Residents Invited To Dedication Of New 9/11 Monument At Zadroga Field

The new North Arlington 9/11 Monument is being dedicated by the North Arlington Fire Department and borough residents are invited to attend the 7 p.m. ceremony on Sunday, Sept. 11 at the entrance to the Zadroga Field Soccer Complex on Schuyler Avenue.

“This new monument is being dedicated to the First Responders as a tribute to those fire, police and EMS members who responded on Sept. 11, 2001, and in the days following, to work at Ground Zero and the Fresh Kills Landfill,” said Richard Hughes, Monument Committee Chairman, former Fire Chief and Borough Council President.

Several years ago a small piece of the World Trade Center steel was requested by the North Arlington Fire Department to create a monument; volunteers fulfilled the wish without hesitation sending a 13-foot-long section of beam.

NEW 911 Mon. Location 001 (1)


After careful consideration of several locations, the fire department chose Schuyler Avenue at Zadroga Field for the monument’s site.

The location already has many existing commemorations at the site and is a frequent place people congregate to reflect:

  • The 9/11 Tribute Fence
  • The recent renaming of the area in memory of James Zadroga, an NYPD Officer who grew up in North Arlington and paid with his life for the many weeks of inhaling contaminates as he worked at Ground Zero.
  • The Borough’s 9/11 Memorial adjacent to the soccer field in remembrance of residents killed in the terrorist attack.
  • The spectacular view of the NYC skyline and Freedom Tower.
  • The public’s input, visible and accessible, all which contributed to the site’s location.

The design plans and specification work was donated, and the NAFD was faced with the challenge of funding the monument’s creation.

new 911 Monument 001 (2)
Several avenues were pursued through the borough administration and Mayor and Council, but ultimately the Fire Department was determined to raise its own funds to create the monument as originally conceived and designed.

Several significant donors came forward in 2016 to fund the project, and work began in earnest to construct the 9/11 Monument just in time for its dedication on the 15th anniversary of the attack.

The North Arlington Fire Department invites residents, fellow First Responders, families who lost loved ones, and survivors of the 9/11 World Trade Center Attack to join them at the dedication ceremony.

It will be a time of reflection and remembrance, and a time of honoring the courage and dedication of those who responded, many of whom still selflessly serve the Borough and continue to put their lives on the line daily to ensure the safety and welfare of family, friends, neighbors and the public at large.



  • Due to the anticipated large turnout, residents are asked to drive to the area and obey detour instructions. Uniformed officials will direct people to a parking location not far from the field.
  • Please arrive early to afford traffic tie-ups.
  • There will be no seating available, nor space for chairs and blankets. The ceremony will be no more than an hour.

Borough officials thank people in advance for their anticipated cooperation.

39449139 - young people meditating in a yoga class

Get Fit With Free Exercise In Bergen County Parks

The Get Fit Bergen movement is underway and local partners are offering free classes in four county parks.

Additional information can be found at www.bergenhealth.org.

These free programs are offered to promote exercise and support good health for all ages, while exposing area residents to some of Bergen County’s many parks.  Flyer- Riverside Park- Yoga- Meadowlands Area YMCAFlyer- Saddle River Duck Pond- Tai Chi Chih- Valley Hospital Flyer- Saddle River Duck Pond- Step and Stretch - Valley Hospital Flyer- Overpeck Park- Yoga- Englwood Hospital

46503031 - usa 2016 to register vote - template

Voter Registration Deadline For General Election

Hackensack, NJ, August 11, 2016 – Bergen County Superintendent of Elections Patricia DiCostanzo issued a notice that Tuesday, October 18, 2016, is the last day for residents to register to vote for the November 8, 2016, General Election in the State of New Jersey. In order to be eligible to vote, a person must be an American Citizen, be 18 years old on or before November 8, 2016, and be a resident of New Jersey and Bergen County by October 18, 2016.

Bergen County residents may register to vote at the Office of the Superintendent of Elections, located at One Bergen County Plaza, Room 380, Hackensack. In order to meet the needs of residents, this office will be open from 9:00AM to 9:00 PM on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. People may also register at their local municipal clerk’s office, hours vary.

Superintendent DiCostanzo would like voters, already registered in Bergen County, to be aware of the procedures regarding late address changes within county. If a voter has moved from one election district to another in the SAME town or has moved to another town in Bergen before Tuesday, November 8, 2016, but did not notify our office in writing, by October 18, 2016, they must vote at their new polling location, on a provisional ballot, in their new municipality on General Election Day. Voters can call their local municipal clerk or the Superintendent of Elections for information.

The Bergen County Superintendent of Elections’ office is responsible for Voter Registration and all associated concerns, Issuing Voter Acknowledgement Cards, Maintaining Custody of Voting Machines and Poll Books, as well as other duties relating to the enforcement of elections laws as per NJSA Tile 19.

On Tuesday, November 8th, voters will cast their ballots for the President, Members of U.S. House of Representatives, Sheriff, County Clerk, Surrogate, Freeholders and local candidates.

Superintendent DiCostanzo said that it is up to each and every American Citizen to exercise their right to vote.

Superintendent DiCostanzo and Deputy Theresa M. O’Connor are available to answer any question that you might have @ 201-336-6101.